Natural Ways to Increase Female Libido

Hey ladies, let’s talk about sex. You know when you want it, but you don’t really want it? There are plenty of ways to fix that particular problem. Keep in mind that low libido is nothing to be ashamed of, but if it's out of the ordinary or you want to step up your bedroom routine, then there are steps you can take to help move things along.


Obviously, we’ve got a tea for that. Since we’re lovers of life, and sex is part of it, we’ve created a product designed to boost both male AND female libido. You’re welcome. Rather than just recommend it, let’s dive into what makes the Love Potion No 69 Tea effective.


There have been several scientific studies that have confirmed fenugreeks ability to increase testosterone in the human body. Low testosterone is a major contributing factor to most cases of low libido in men. So, how about women? Fenugreek is rich in estradiol which stimulates blood flow to the vagina and increases lubrication. That sends some signals to your brain that translate loosely to ‘let’s get freaky’.

Keep in mind, the effects of fenugreek are founded upon studies on women with a healthy menstrual cycle. If you've noticed that something is different about your regular cycle, and a sudden drop in libido accompanies this, it's essential to get yourself checked out!

Raspberry Leaf

Raspberry leaf is a great all-rounder for all things sex, fertility, and birth. Yes, fertility! Raspberry leaf can easily contribute to your recommended intake of certain vitamins and minerals that maintain a healthy reproductive system. That includes balanced hormones, and as we know ladies when everything lines up perfectly, and we're feeling good, we're more likely to want sex.

Note to men: you read that right. Women who aren’t stressed with the full responsibility of child care, home duties, and work are more likely to want to ravage you. If your lady is suffering low libido of late, try vacuuming. Don’t expect anything in return, but give it a go.


We mentioned exercise in our Natural Remedies for PMS blog, too. No matter how much we try to ignore it, being active is a perfect potion for ensuring your mind and body functions at its peak. Poor blood circulation could be a reason you're experiencing low libido, and exercise is an effective way to increase it. Exercise also releases feel-good chemicals like endorphins, which reduces stress on the brain. Like we just discussed, stress is a total mood killer.

Exercise can also increase your ability to perform in the bedroom. If there are a few positions that get you puffing and blushing, you might feel a bit sexier when your stamina is increased. Feeling sexy is a libido booster with an almost 100% success rate.

So, what’s our best advice for raising your libido and adding some fireworks to your bedroom – or couch, or bench? Start your pre-workout with our Love Potion, get in some reps (check out this article on best exercises for libido) and finish off with a little more Love Potion. Stay hydrated, peeps!