The Magik Mama Co

The Magik Mama Co can’t wait to share their love of tea and bath soaks with you! 

We have a variety of herbal teas for the good times, and bad, which will be sure to satisfy most of you bad arse rockstars.  Teas for kids health, tea to turn the moodiest of bitches into sassy bitches, tea to make you purr with your lover, tea for pregnancy and motherhood, tea for health for all ages, and tea to help you calm down when you feel like telling the world to get lost ;).

And not to toot our own horn or anything.. actually, no, we are gonna toot our own horn cause our horn is worth tooting - our bath soaks are just amaze-balls!

We hand blend our teas and bath soaks with love, humour and good intention in the mountains of Northern NSW, using only quality organic ingredients from trusted sources.

The Magik Mama Co believes three things in life that will make for a happy life are; at least three cups of tea a day, a good soak or two a week, and a really good laugh!

That’s Magik Mama’s orders!  ;)

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