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Menopause.... Because nature decided that periods, pregnancy, labor, delivery, stretch marks, saggy boobs and cellulite wasn’t enough punishment..

No wonder you have become, come on now, let’s just say it, a moody b*tch.

Tell those hot flashes/night sweats, sleepless nights, anxiety/depression, dryness and hair loss to piss off, sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of Moody B*tch Tea..  Regular consumption may transition you from moody b*tch to sassy b*tch in no time.  

50g Loose Leaf

Ingredients:  Organic Rosemary, Chastetree Berries, Sage, Honeybush, Dong Quai, Roses and a little bit of magic...


Rosemary:  Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, improves digestion, enhances memory and concentration, and may prevent the brain from aging. 

Chastetree Berries: Is used to treat menstrual problems, hormonal imbalances and infertility in women.

Sage:  Loaded with antioxidants, may ease menopause symptoms, lower blood sugar levels, and support memory and brain health.

Honeybush:  High levels of antioxidants, boosts the metabolism, and may also treat coughs, colds and prevents bacterial infections.  

Dong Quai:  Known as the  female ginseng.  Increases energy.  Enriches the blood and promotes blood flow.
Roses:  High in vitamin C.

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