Snot Face Tea - Cough & Cold Brew

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It’s bullsh*t when our kids have caught a cold, staying up all night with coughs and sniffles that drive them (and their poor carers) absolutely bonkers!  This is all part of growing up, and plays an important role in building up our loved ones immune systems.  Sucks all the same. 

Never fear, The Magik Mama Co are here to offer some support with our Snot Face Tea. 

We’ve hand blended this delicious tea using specially selected herbs that have been used traditionally to aid in the relief of sore dry throats, helping to relieve coughing fits and symptoms of common cold.

Before you know it, those brats will be in better health, full of beans, bouncing off the walls... yay ;)

Ingredients:  Organic Rosemary, Linden Flower, Thyme, Lemon Balm, and a little bit of magic... ;)


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