Yummy Tummy Tea - Kiddy Tummy Upset Brew

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Nothing sucks more than our kids having sore tummies.

Never fear, The Magik Mama Co are here to the rescue.

We've hand blended this delicious tea using specially selected ingredients that traditionally aid in the relief of tummy upsets in children (but everyone in the family can enjoy this brew). 

Before you know it, they'll be bouncing off walls.  Then you have another situation to deal with, but that's your problem, not ours.  We are working on a daytime tranquilizer mamas..

Just joking, or are we? ;)

50g Loose Leaf Tea

Ingredients:  Organic Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, and a little bit of magic...


Chamomile:   A calming herb for the mind, body and tummy.  

Lemon Balm: A calming herb, may help to reduce anxiety and stress.

Peppermint:   Soothes tummy upset, improves energy, improves sleep, may fight bacterial infections and MORE.


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