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Tough day?  Go smudge yourself!  New job angst?  Go smudge yourself!  Exam terrors? Go smudge yourself!  Lovers tiff?  Go smudge yourself!  Kids driving you freaking mental?!?  Wine will fix that, but so will a good smudging too!

Whatever situation life gives you that leaves you feeling glum calls for a good smudging!

So go on, smudge yourself with a The Magik Mama Co’s Go Smudge Yourself Tea.  Regular consumption may find you feeling somewhat... smudged..  

Time to chill - breathe in and out.  Ah, that’s better.

  50g Loose Leaf

Ingredients:  Passionflower, Catnip, Chamomile, Lavender, Rosemary, Liquorice, Peppermint, and a little bit of magic...


Passionflower:  Treats anxiety/depression and insomnia, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, lowers blood pressure.

Catnip:  Calmative.  Not just for making cats CRAZY.

Chamomile:  Calmative.  Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Lavender:  Used for treatment of anxiety/depression, insomnia and restlessness.

Rosemary:  Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, treats digestive issues, enhances memory and concentration and MORE. 

Liquorice:  Restores balance, treats gastrointestinal issues.

Peppermint:  Treats headaches and migraines, improves energy, improves sleep, may fight bacterial infections and MORE.


Smudge Yourself is not recommended if breastfeeding or pregnant, or if you suffer from high blood pressure or fluid retention.  


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