Natural Remedies for PMS

Premenstrual Syndrome is a very real and a very unfortunate fact of life. While we're regularly told we should just be happy that everything in our bodies is working as it should be, we’re still filled with cramps and hormones. In some cases, we’re also surrounded by f*@%ing idiots that tell us ‘it must be that time of the month’ because we’re ‘being bitches’. News flash, Steven, my hormones don’t affect your painfully low IQ! I’m just more likely to point it out right now.

Okay, so I got a little off track. Where were we?

That’s right, PMS. It’s estimated that up to 50% of women suffer from PMS symptoms at some point in their life. That could mean anything from irritability, bloating, skin problems, or digestive problems. The good news is, there's a lot that we can do to lessen the effects of PMS without any prescriptions. We've got a fun list of three things that support your body and mind through the turmoil of PMS.


Going for a walk or a swim is a great way to help relieve period pain and cramps. It also gets the endorphins pumping, so exercise is a natural mood enhancer! We think that yoga or Pilates are fantastic choices to get your exercise in and support mindfulness and grounding while your period takes over your body. If you’ve got kids at home, you might even be able to get them involved by playing a YouTube yoga video through the television. Challenge them to complete the poses with you. It’s a nice time for the whole family.


Sit down and enjoy a cup of tea. Particularly, Magik Mama’s PMS Support Brew. We know, you think this is just a plug for our product, but the ingredients are genuinely backed by science. For example, the Chaste Tree Berry has undergone clinical trials for its effectiveness in treating PMS, and research has established that it has dopaminergic properties. I.e. it's a big mood improver. That ingredient is found in our tea alongside chamomile for calming, and peppermint for soothing and aiding digestive issues. Not to mention the star of our show, Raspberry Leaf, which is reported to cleanse the blood of the excess hormone and minimises any hormonal imbalances. Um, yes, please! There are a few more ingredients in this magical brew that address those annoying PMS symptoms. We recommend trying it out for yourself.

Telling Steven to f*ck off.

There, I said it. Steven is the name that now applies to all of the people in your life that just piss you off. I’m not saying burn bridges and dance on the ashes to heavy metal sacrifice music, but sometimes telling people what you really think is cathartic. All too often, women tip-toe around the feelings of others. Use your hormone-induced confidence to put someone in their place when Aunt Flow comes to visit. If that's not your thing, let out your feelings by doing some journaling or screaming into your pillow. It’s okay, girl. We all do it.