Turn Me On Spicy Turmeric & Vanilla Latte

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Introducing our new family favourite TURN ME ON Spicy Turmeric & Vanilla Latte. 

There’s not a lot we can really say about this beverage.. Except that it’s 100% DELICIOUS…  Like, you would have to have been living under a ROCK not to know that Turmeric is good for you, and with so many options of  Turmeric Latte mixes out there to choose from, what sets The Magik Mamas TURN ME ON Spicy Turmeric & Vanilla Latte apart? (aside from the delicious taste of course?) Our ingredients!  We sourced the best ingredients we could find, and have made it our mission with Turn Me On to support Aussie Farmers as much as possible. 

Ingredients: 78% Australian Grown, our key two ingredients, Spray and Pesticide Free Turmeric and Ginger are from Bundaberg, Qld.  We also use 100% Pure Spray Free Premium Vanilla Powder from PNG, plus all Certified Organic         International Spices; Cardamon (origin: Guatemala), Nutmeg (origin:              India),  Cinnamon (origin: Sri Lanka), Ground Pepper (origin: Tanzania), and Chilli (origin:  Egypt), all blended together with love, humour, and a little bit of magic in Northern Rivers, NSW ;)…