Magic Mushys and Kooky Cacao

Our Magically Mushy Choc Chai is a best-selling tea. We suspect that the name piques interest, and we're confident it's the taste that keeps people coming back for more. Over the long term, you might notice a difference in your health. That's with thanks to some of the beneficial ingredients.

We know, magically mushy sounds a little bit naughty, and that's why we like it. We're pleased to inform you that you won't have any strange hallucinogenic effects from this delicious chai blend. Still, the journey it sends you on with tantalising flavours might be even better than a trippy experience.

So, what does the Magically Mushy Choc Chai have to offer? First of all, the chai included in this tea is premium Indian blend, so you’re getting an unrivalled quality from the get-go.

Reishi Mushrooms

If you’ve ever set foot in a health food store, you’ve probably seen Reishi Mushroom capsules or powder before. That’s because they’re basically famous for maintaining overall wellbeing. How did a mushroom get such an excellent reputation, you may ask? Well, the Reishi Mushroom is from a family of adaptogens. As the name suggests, adaptogens regulate important hormones and help your body adapt to changes. That means adaptogens are useful for overcoming stress and fatigue, which subsequently boosts your immune system and improves your general health.

You can find out more about how adaptogenic herbs work by clicking here.

The Magic of Mushrooms

While we’re on the topic of mushrooms, it’s pretty hard to find a mushroom that isn’t packed to the brim with antioxidants and immune-boosting properties. If this tea has piqued your interest, or you’re already a huge fan, why not try working some more mushrooms into your diet? Magik Mama’s personal favourites (aside from Reishi, of course) include Shiitake and Turkey Tail. Both of these mushroom varieties have been effective in treating various illnesses in ancient and modern medicine. On top of that, they taste fantastic.


Cacao is probably more renowned than the mighty mushroom, and you don’t have to be a health nut to have heard a thing or two about how Cacao Powder is good for everything health. Remember the announcement that chocolate with 70% cacao content is good for you, and actually recommended? We’ll never forget that excuse. Get that chocolate fix.

Cacao is rich in antioxidants, iron, magnesium, and calcium. It’s been said that it can help regulate blood pressure, and its use is thought to date back as far as the Mayans. Even if there are no magic elements to cacao, the vitamins and minerals present in just one serving are pretty out of this world.

So where does the magic come from?

All of Magik Mama’s tea blends are made with a little bit of love and a dash of magic. This warming blend tastes great and has a number of health benefits simply thanks to the nutrients found in each ingredient. So, why not have some magic mushrooms for breakfast? Shop here.