Herbs to calm children down

It's hard work being a kid. No, seriously. The world is brand new, and you're just adjusting to what's going on with your body, mind, and everything around you. Understandably, all of this new information can be TOTALLY overwhelming sometimes.

Thankfully, nature has equipped us with all of the tools to slow that nervous system down and encourage inner peace on our journey to figuring out what the f**k we're doing here. Herbal tea blends to help calm children down are a fabulous solution to those days when everything is a bit too much or those evenings where we all need to rest.

So, what’s actually in the teas, and how do these herbs work to calm children down? Here are our top three calming herbs for kids.


Chamomile tea is as old as the hills. Very well known for its mild sedative properties, the chamomile flowers promotes rest and relaxation in our systems. Unless there's an allergy present, studies confirm that this beautiful yellow flower is safe for kids of all ages and is a great sleep aide.

Chamomile tea promotes CALMNESS, helping guide your little one through emotional or physical distress. Chamomile is also pretty renowned for its natural pain relief properties, so it could be helpful to try a chamomile blend out when your bub is suffering from a headache or the dreaded teething pain.


Lemongrass is this crazy super herb for kids and adults alike. We could sit here for hours and talk about why lemongrass tea should be a regular part of a healthy child’s diet. We’ll keep it a little shorter than that, though.

Since we're staying on the topic of calming children down, lemongrass has anxiety-reducing properties, helping to combat overwhelm, worry and that fast, thumping nervous feeling that often comes alongside everything being too much.

As parents, we want to keep our children safe and have them feel that way. Lemongrass does a pretty good job of fixing the inner feelings we can’t access. Other benefits come from lemongrass being super high in antioxidants. That means lemongrass helps in detoxification, potentially playing a part in reducing urinary tract issues and prevention of intestinal gases. Less tummy aches all round!


Spearmint offers many of the same benefits as peppermint, though it is much gentler, making it the perfect accompaniment for kids. Spearmint is widely known for its stress reduction capabilities. It's also often used to aid digestion and reduce the symptoms of nasty tummy aches. Plus, it tastes fantastic!

Go the F*%@ to Sleep Tea

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