Earl’s Morning Glory - Earl Grey & Lavender Brew

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Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, an uptight Earl Grey met Luscious (and extremely versatile) Lady Lavender.  Despite their obvious differences, they hit it off, (and got it off), and the Earl was never the same again.

Introducing Earl’s Morning Glory is the traditional and distinctive Earl Grey taken to the stars with the addition of Lavender and a hint of Lemon.  This tea has been made for everyone, even the most discerning of tea drinkers, we sh*t you not!  Enjoy Earl’s Morning Glory anytime of day.

50g Loose Leaf

Ingredients:  Organic Earl Grey (Black Ceylon Tea with Bergamot & Citrus Infusion), Lavender Flowers, Lemon & a little bit of magic... ;) 


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